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Twin Flame recognition

Dear Family of Light!

Because of all the labels that are present now, I still see a lot of confusion in regards to many topics, especially the topic of Twin Flames. That is especially due to the lack of discernment. So many individuals are now coming at this from an angle that lacks awareness of the Absolute Reality. So many define the experience through what is being communicated by the media. When we define something, we already negate it.

Can You be radically honest with yourself and ask yourself this: "Where is the desire to label your Twin Flame experience is coming from? Within or without? Internally or externally? Is it truly coming from You or what You have heard, read or been told by others and the New age media? Can You move beyond these beliefs and start anchoring the Truth through your own Heart space? Because the Truth knows its Source no matter what these labels and different opinions are, as the Absolute Reality remains. The Truth is known to those who are willing to become the initiates of the sacred, of the holy ... for Divinity is only be found there!

Many individuals ask me about their love life, and most of the questions are based on finding their partner and how to recognize their true Beloved. Why don't we instead, turn the focus inwardly, and realize we are the Beloved? And when we do anchor that awareness and bring it into our Earthly experience, we can fully become the Spark of Divine Love that we truly are. When we internalize the experience, the external reality can more easily match this vibration up. It's about Divine Love and the Truth of how we are created through our Source. The Twin Flame experience is basically an inner remembrance of your true Self as a Spark of God/Goddess, a perfect bubble of Divine Love, so it's therefore not an external projection, which so many wish to make. Remember your true Source, embody your Divinity, know your true Twin Flame Essence within Creation!

Only our true Beloved, who is our ultimate mirror, can mirror everything to us. These are all the aspects of our shadow and light, so that in the end ... we can see that only Love is real. And then ... we can become Love embodied, in all of its Truth!

Love has its own course, and it flows like a river. It takes us where we need to go and where we need to be in every Now moment. Sometimes it takes us in a whole other place, an unexpected territory, uncharted waters so to say. This is because in order to embody Divine Love, we have to completely surrender in all ways, and only this way can we love unconditionally. Sometimes challenges are a part of this experience, but true Love for another never goes away when it is shared and eternal.

In Twin Flame relationships in particular, Love is so strong and the bond is eternal, so nothing can ever sever it. When the Soul recognizes itself in the exact mirror of another, it instantly knows, for it remembers its Divine Source. Such is the recognition of Twin Flames, and no matter what, it always remains in the Heart. Only we can recognize our true Beloved, no one else. The recognition of Twin Flames occurs in the sacred space of our Heart center, which connects Spirit and matter. And so it is with this reunion, which brings Spirit into Life in all ways!

Many times, this experience will also bring many trials and tribulations, which all serve a purpose of further recognition of Twin Flames. These are deep initiations, that only each and every individual couple is aware of, as they go through the direct experience on their own. Every Love story is unique. Every Love story is precious and Divine. And every Twin Flame Essence is a Divine Spark of Creation!

Within Divine Love, Polona


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